Monday, February 3, 2014

Do you appear in photos in which you can no longer identify yourself accurately?

Do you appear in some childhood group photos in which you can no longer identify yourself accurately? This can easily happen in photos of brothers or sisters who resemble each other and are close in age.

In the case of the above photo, confusion of seems to have occurred because the two girls on the right have similar hair styles, even though they are of different ages and heights. And they are not in same family.

The children of N.B. "Bonie" Pierce and Julia L. Moody often played with the children of their neighbor, the Brannan family.

Beatrice Pierce Poore (1921-1993) identified the children, from left, as: Mallory Brannan, Calvin Brannan, Raymond Pierce (1923-1981), an unidentifed Brannan child being held by Beatrice Pierce and Laverne Brannan.

But Mallory Brannan identified the girl holding the child as Laverne, the child as May Brannan and the last girl as Beatrice.

One clue as to whether Beatrice or Mallory was correct in their identifications comes from the fact that the
Beatrice Pierce school photo
girl on the right is wearing glasses. Beatrice suffered from poor vision and wore glasses with thick lenses. Another photo of Bea wearing glasses appears to confirm Mallory's identification of the children.

The photo also gives a glimpse of what the backyard and back of the Pierce home looked like. I think this is the Pierce home, but I'm not totally sure. Since the Pierce family took lots of photos and this one was in the family photos, it seems reasonable to believe this is the Pierce home.

Does anyone recognize the equipment in the background? The tower appears to be a water tank.

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