Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mother and Child Photos May Speak to More Than Parenthood

Almost every family has photos of a proud mother holding one of her children. Take another look at such photos. They may tell you more than just that a mother loves her child.

Julia Lavinia Moody Pierce (1886-1965) is holding her son Wilson Taft Pierce (1910-1983) in the above photo. She is wearing a light-colored blouse with a high, lace collar. Baby "W.T.," as he was always called, is also wearing white in what appears to be a christening gown.

Julia and her husband Napoleon Bonaparte "Bonie" Pierce were members of the Methodist Church, where christening is a practiced. This photo then would tend to confirm that the Pierces had a strong faith and were bringing up their children in it.

The photographer's imprint is Novelty Studio, 205 Dauphin St., Mobile, Alabama. Do you have any information about this studio and its photographers?

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