Monday, August 8, 2016

Honeymoon Road Trip: Anna and Cecil Pierce

Probably not many people take road trips for their honeymoons anymore, but in the 1920s and '30s it was a popular thing to do. A road trip at the time was more than just driving to a destination. There were no interstate highways and few four-lane roads.

Anna Catherine Edwards (1909-2008), left, and Cecil Alvey Pierce (1907-1975) were married on November 28, 1929.

Cecil had moved to Akron, Ohio, to live with his sister Hazel and her husband Don Vickers and to work with Don at the Goodrich Rubber Company. That is where Cecil and Anna met.

Cecil later got a job with a railroad company in Akron. They often traveled by train to Mobile for visits. But that was years after this photo was taken.

The car tag bears a 1930 date and is an Ohio plate. This outing was probably something of a honeymoon trip for Anna to meet her Pierce in-laws. Traveling from Akron to rural Wilmer, Alabama, in 1930 by car must have been quite an adventure, especially given the condition of roads at the time.

A few years earlier, Cecil's sister Hazel and her husband Don Vickers also made a honeymoon road trip in the opposite direction. You can read Hazel's diary account of that trip on this blog.