Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Who Is That Guy In All the Family Photos?

Ina Mae Pierce (1903-1977), daughter of N. B. "Bonie" Pierce and Julia L. Moody of Wilmer, Alabama, appears in a number of family photos with Clifford York.

She and Clifford appear in the top two of these three photos. The woman in the bottom photo is unidentified. She may be a relative of Ina Mae's or Clifford's, or just one of their friends. These photos were probably taken in the 1920s.

The top photo appears to be the earliest (and the poorest quality) of the photos. The couple may have been teenagers when they posed for this photo, perhaps along the dirt road in front of the family farmhouse.

In the middle photo, Ina Mae and Clifford may be on an outing, perhaps going for a sail on a Mobile Bay boat, as they seem to be posing on a dock in front of a boat. Ina Mae seems rather formally dressed. Clifford either played the ukulele or else hammed it up for the camera with the four-string guitar that belonged to someone else.

Does anyone have more info on Clifford and his family?

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