Thursday, February 26, 2015

Were you closer to one of your siblings than to the others?

Two of the five sons of N.B. "Bonie" Pierce and Julia L. Moody pose in what is probably the front yard of their farm at Pierce Level, just south of Wilmer, Alabama.

On the left is George Carl Pierce (1916-1989), always called Carl. Beside him is Ralph Bailey Pierce (1917-1984).

Notice the difference in the two boys' dress. Carl is in overalls and barefooted. He looks ready to play or perhaps work in the fields. Ralph, on the other hand, is wearing a white shirt, bow tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. Perhaps he was going to a party or a formal event of some kind.

Being born just 18 months apart, the two brothers may have been closer to each other growing up than they were to their other brothers and sisters.

Were you closer to one of your siblings than to the others? Why?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Do You Have Family Photos That Contradict Family Stories?

Julia Moody Pierce poses in the front yard of her family's Wilmer, Alabama, farm with daughters Velma Moree Pierce (1913-1993) on the left and Beatrice Valara Pierce (1921-1993).

Notice that Julia and the children appear well dressed, including nice shoes. The children are not in play clothes and they may be dressed for church or some other event. Clearly the family took pride in its appearance and could afford to be well-dressed.

As adults, the Pierce children often talked about how poor they were as children. Family photos show only a selected moment in their lives. Yet, living on a farm meant they had food, even if they had to work hard for it.

What the Pierce children may have meant about being poor is that they didn't have a lot of cash to spend. And that was true. But while they may not have had a lot of money for the things they wanted, they seem to have had the things they needed.

Do you have any family photos that seem to contradict family stories?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What is Eula Moody Harvey's Birth Date?

Eula Moody Harvey (1897-1972) is pictured here holding a child, possibly one of her children.

Eula was one of the five sisters of Julia L. Moody Pierce (1886-1965) of Wilmer, Alabama.

Eula's gravestone says that she was born in 1900 instead of the 1897 calculated from census records. Because family members often are the source for death certificates and gravestones, they can make mistakes in dates.

Do you have any records that confirm Eula's birth date?

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