Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moody Women

No these women are not having a temperamental moment. They are the wife and daughters of George Washington Moody (1855-1908).

Minnie Stringellow Moody (1868-1932) is pictured here with four of her six daughters. From left are Lillie (1893-1982), mother Minnie, Eula Mae (1897-?), Julia Lavinia (1886-1965), Bernice (birth and death dates unknown).

The other children not in the photo are Melissa V. Moody (1889-?), Robert M. Moody 1891-?), Viola Moody (dates unknown), and Joe Moody (dates unknown).

What observations can you make about the differences in the hairstyles and dress fashions of these five women? They all lived in a rural western Mobile County, Alabama, farming community. Do they look as you would expect farm women and wives to look?

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  1. Their hairstyles and dresses look very tame, plain, and proper to me. No upswept "Gibson" hairdos and no printed patterns on the dresses. Without knowing their religion, I would guess they are Presbyterians or Lutherans, very strict. I do see white socks and a bit of a smile on the youngest girl. Do you know the date of the photo?

    1. I don't know the date of the photo, but it was probably before 1940.