Monday, June 10, 2013

Did you have an ancestor who was also a great photographer?

This photograph is one of my favorites and is interesting because it is a photo of someone taking a photo. It also pulls in your attention, as though you could step into it and back into time.

Probably taken during the early 1920s, the photo shows the three women very fashionably dressed with the short hairstyle popular at the time.

The woman wearing the hat is Ina Mae Pierce (1903-1977), the oldest child of N.B. "Bonie" Pierce and Julia L. Moody. The names of the other two women are not known. Also the location isn't known, but is clearly beside a large body of water, perhaps Mobile Bay.

Photography had become a popular and affordable hobby for many people. And even amateurs could shoot great photos.

Did you have an ancestor who was also a great photographer?
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  1. They are indeed dressed to the nines in long, flowing gowns. And those shoes must be a precursor for sandals. Relaxed and fashionable.

    1. Mariann, one of the things that regularly amazes me is that my aunts and uncles from this period always seemed to wear the latest fashions even though they lived in a small farming community. Of course, the "big city" of Mobile, Ala., was not far away. Still you might think that folks who grew up on a farm might have a different fashion sense, but they don't.

  2. Ralph,

    I actually do have an ancestor who was a photographer. My great-grandfather, who was a dentist, also apparently had a photography business as well. I have a photo of a boat with a sign on it - F. E. Webster Photo Boat. It was docked next to the F. E. Webster Dental Boat.

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jana, Photo Boat and Dental Boat, how great is that!? Thanks for including me in your Fab Finds!!