Monday, January 21, 2013

Can you help me identify a soldier in this photo?

Ralph E. Poore, left, and Army buddy

I've seen many photos of soldiers taken in pairs. I'm not sure why this was popular, but perhaps it was to split the cost of the photo or because the men were close friends or relatives.

The soldier on the left in the above photo is my father, Ralph E. Poore. I would like to know who the man on the right is.

I have some clues. Both men show corporal stripes on their shoulder sleeves.  My father was appointed corporal in April 1942. He became a sergeant in 1944. So this photo was taken between 1942 and 1944. Perhaps the  men were showing off their new corporal stripes.

Both men have buttons with crossed cannons on their lapels. That means they were both in the artillery. My father served in a forward observer unit of the 29th Field Artillery, perhaps the other man did, too.

Perhaps the unidentified man is from my dad's hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. It is unlikely he is still alive, but maybe a relative will recognize him.

My dad survived the war but died in 1976. Did the other man make it through the war?

Do you have a similar photo of soldiers in you collection? Have you had any luck discovering the identity of the other person? How did you do it?


  1. My father was in the Army in WWII also, for almost four years. In England, then in France, in "Intelligence." The only photo I have of him with a buddy is a long shot with tiny little images of people -- as in those old cameras.

    I hope that someone searching "Poore" or your other family names will come upon this blog and photo, and you can learn more about your dad's Army experience. My dad never wanted to talk about his -- he took those secrets very seriously!

  2. Thanks, Mariann. My dad didn't really talk about his war experiences either. And he wasn't a writer.

    I have several photos of my dad with other soldiers. I've had some published in the 4th Infantry Division Association magazine Ivy Leaves without any luck in finding IDs. I even have some names, but have been unable to find them on any muster list.

    I have been fortunate in connecting with some of my dad's former Army buddies who have been able to give me some info.

    Have you tried to get your father's military records?