Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When the In-laws Came Calling

Napoleon Bonaparte "Bonie" Pierce (1880-1964), on the right, poses with two of his in-laws who came for a visit to his farm house in Pierce Level, a farming community just outside Wilmer, Alabama.

Oliver Cayton (1895-1964), on the left, was the husband of Lillie Moody, (1893-1982). Lillie was the sister of Bonie's wife Julia L. Moody (1886-1965).

Don Vickers (1893-1965), center, was the husband of Hazel Lee Pierce (1905-1985). Hazel was the daughter of Bonie and Julia. Don and Hazel owned a farm in Faunsdale, Alabama.

Did your in-laws visit regularly? Did they come on a particular day? Did your family go visiting other family members?
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  1. I love your blog. Sadly we lived a long ways from other family members. I have loved researching my family and seeing that so many of them remained close to each other. Most of my cousins lived close to each other and I was always so jealous of that. I always think it is a little sad that society has changed and we are all so independent that children for the most part aren't raised in a community of "kin" like they use to be.