Monday, March 17, 2014

Children's Toys and Play Clothes Can Tell You A Lot About a Family

Brothers Ralph Bailey Pierce (1917-1984) and George Carl Pierce (1916-1989) play in their wagon in the yard of their farm home in Wilmer, Ala. The photo was probably taken sometime in the 1920s.

Does anyone recognize the name on the wagon? Also, note the toy passenger train car. Does anyone familiar with antique toy trains recognize this one?

The boys' clothing, shoes and toys point to a family that had a comfortable, and maybe even a fashionable, lifestyle. Rural life and work may have been hard at times, but there were also times for fun and play.

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  1. Thanks, Jana. Frankly, I'm amazed at some of the photos from my ancestors. Either they took photography seriously or they were very lucky in their shots.

  2. Love this photo. You are really fortunate to have such pictures! At one point our family acquired an old wagon when I was little. It was made of metal that made it very heavy. We didn't like to pull that thing around, but we would take it to the top of a nearby hill and ride it down---boy did that thing fly!

    That train car is really awesome.