Monday, April 15, 2013

1926 road trip honeymoon paused at the Imperial Hotel

NOTE: This post is the third in a series of excerpts from the road trip diary Hazel Pierce kept on her honeymoon trip with husband Don Vickers in 1926. Along with the excerpts are some observations and comments from this blogger.

"On Saturday (May 1st) we drove to Montgomery. We enjoyed this trip very much. We crossed the
Perdido River and Escambia, also several small streams and big bridges. We went to a good picture show in
Shown here occupied by B. Wolff Furniture Store,
this building housed the Imperial Hotel
in downtown Montgomery in the 1920s.
Montgomery. We spent the night at the Imperial Hotel, which is a good place.

"On Sunday morning it was raining and we rested. After dinner we went up to the State Capital which is very pretty place. At present it is being repaired. After our sightseeing trip I wrote some letters while Don took a nap...

"...While in Montgomery the place was decorated with flags of every nation. The streets were full. All the
show windows were decorated with antiques. We saw guns and ammunition  used in the Civil War, and dresses that were worn in olden days, cooking utensils used then and many other things. They were quite different from what we have today."

Hazel did not record in her diary the route she and Don took to get from the town of Bay Minette to Alabama's capital city of Montgomery. But judging by the fact that they crossed the Perdido and Escambia rivers, it seems likely that they drove along U.S. 31.

In 1926, the American Association of State Highway Officials had just approved the U.S. numbered highways. So the new U.S. shields like the U.S. 31 here had just begun to appear around the country.


  1. Lovely building. It sounds like a nice, low-key (as we would say today) trip on a US Highway. So different from today, with the superhighways and speeded-up entertainment. Yet they were not bored, just restful. Makes me long for the good old days! I didn't know that State Highways just began in 1926.

  2. Andrea, Mariann -- yes it was beautiful. I believe it is in the Empire style of architecture, thus the name Imperial Hotel. I believe the building was destroyed by fire many years later.