Friday, February 15, 2013

What do you know about the traveling photographer B. S. Partin?

This is believed to be a photo of Cornelius "Neal" Pierce (b. 1874), brother of N. B. "Bonie" Pierce. Written on back of the photo is "June the 1 1901 [or perhaps 1907]."

Neal is wearing what appears to be a tweed suit, waistcoat and decorative bowtie. He looks as though he dressed up for a special occassion, perhaps a wedding or some other event.

The photographer's imprint is "B. S. Partin, Photographer, Mobile, Ala." Note that the photo was taken outdoors.

Partin, or his agents, must have traveled extensively in the rural corners where Alabama and Mississippi touch. The Mississippi Department of Archives has posted other Partin photos on Flickr of the Daisy School community in Jackson County, Mississippi, about 1900.

Do you have any information on the photographer B. S. Partin, his studio and his work?
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  1. I have several family photos, with the B. S. Partin photographer Mobile, Ala. ink stamped on the lower bottom, taken approximately 1900 in an outdoor setting and the family lived in rural Perry Co., Miss near the Beaumont / New Augusta area.

    1. Pratt, thanks for the comment. It made me look at the post and photo again. A few days ago I had made a change in my Picasa webpage where the blog photos are stored. That caused all my blog photos to be removed and I had to restore them. After reading your comment I realized I'd restored the wrong photo of Neal Pierce. The right one is there again. Perhaps one day we will find out more about Mr. Partin and his ramblings around the countryside.